Very calm atmosphere, great providers.

– Kathie D.

The clinic is beautiful and has a relaxing atmosphere. The reception staff have always been helpful and our therapist has been incredibly helpful.

– Donna G.

Great response to client needs. Recognizes non-standard gender and sexual orientations.

– Amber M.

Wonderful establishment! Really respectable team and warm space.

– Al G.

Professional supportive and friendly.

– Jesse A.

Choose a mental health clinic that operates on strong values.

Wellness is a strengths based model that focuses on personal responsibility and self empowerment. It is the process of gaining awareness and satisfaction from activities that promote fitness, nutrition, positive relationships, stress management, life purpose, and commitment to self care. We believe that health and illness are not mutually exclusive and that one can maintain wellness even in the presence of disease.


We recognize that each client is unique. We honor this by taking the time to get to know you as a whole person.

Our team’s goal is to help you feel safe and comfortable, while partnering with you to develop a plan to achieve your goals. We know that change is hard, but even a small change in any aspect of your life can have a significant impact. Our providers will partner with you and help to guide you through your mental health journey.

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