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Clear Out the Clutter

When you think of spring cleaning, you likely imagine the act of physically scrubbing your workspace or home. Did you know that clutter also affects mental health? Clearing out those accumulated things – and feelings – can help free up […]

Start the Year Off Right

With the wind-down of the holiday season and the “new year, new me” resolutions flowing like electrical currents, the start of 2024 naturally seems like a joyous time. But then that holiday high wears off, routines pick up where they […]

Discover Happiness During the Holidays

When you think of the holidays, you likely imagine exchanging gifts, baking cookies, and spending time with family and friends. The season is a joyous one, though the hustle and bustle can also be stressful. But The Calli Institute has […]

Highlighting ADHD Awareness Month

With the new school year freshly under way, a lot of attention focuses on in-classroom behavior. Children are expected to sit still, pay attention, and remember lessons. But what if they can’t? Sometimes, inattentiveness is the result of attention deficit […]

Celebrate Recovery in September

By its definition, recovery involves regaining control of something lost or stolen. For anyone in recovery, this means working to manage addiction and take charge of their life. And it’s a big deal. The path to self-improvement can be a […]

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Discover Healing Through Art

Art is its own language with a host of interpretations and methods of expression. And as it turns out, creativity — in any form — can boost well-being. This month, The Calli Institute team wanted to highlight how creativity promotes […]

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