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Mental Health Challenge # 3: Plan a Healthy Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner—With Water Breaks

Nutrition is not only good for the body; it’s also good for the mind. Practicing a healthy diet helps us fight illness, feel energized, and receive essential nutrients. It’s easy to eat comfort food that makes us “feel” good or […]

Mental Health Challenge #2: Play a Game

Welcome to day 2 of our 10 day mental health challenge. Ready to make today a great day? Here’s your next challenge: Play a Game “Play is the brain’s favorite way of learning”—Dianne Ackerman. It’s true. Play allows us to […]

10 Day Mental Health Challenge

October 10th is World Mental Health Awareness Day. This is an opportunity to increase knowledge about mental health issues, reach out to those affected in our community, and practice some well-deserved self care for ourselves along the way. This year […]

Recognizing Signs of Teen Depression & How to Cope as a Parent

With most high school students already settling into their new back-to-school routines, it’s not unusual for your child to still feel anxious about the year ahead: different classes, new teachers, and more complex subject matter to master. Unfortunately, most teens […]

World Suicide Prevention Day 2020

For nearly two decades, the International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP) has held World Suicide Prevention Day on September 10th. This day is meant to remind each one of us that we have the ability to make a difference in […]

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Update from The Calli Institute

As summer draws to a close, most of us are left wondering what the new season will bring. If you’re a parent or guardian with younger children, this year’s back-to-school planning has its own fair share of unknowns. College students, […]

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