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How to Adopt an Attitude of Gratitude this Holiday

If you’re struggling this year to get into the holiday spirit, remember that though a joyous time of year, the “holiday blues” are a real phenomenon that can leave you feeling stressed, irritable, and depressed (Psychology Today). It’s easy to […]

Feeling Overwhelmed This Holiday? 5 Tips on How to Cope with Emotional Stress

As we find ourselves already in full swing of another holiday season, many of us are too busy decorating, planning, and hosting to recognize that though a joyous time of year, the month of December can also trigger unwanted holiday […]

How to Stop Overthinking

Rethinking an earlier decision or behavior is one thing. Reliving the same experience over and over in your head for days, weeks, or even months, is something different. What is Overthinking? We can overthink and experience stress about past behaviors […]

What to Expect at Your First Therapy Appointment

When you’re ready to take the first step in your mental health journey, it’s normal to experience a mix of anxiety and apprehension—especially if you’ve never talked to a therapist before. At The Calli Institute, our mission is to help […]

How Cognitive Behavior Therapy Treats Anxiety

Many of us live with anxiety every day. As the body’s natural response to stress, anxiety can affect our emotional wellness, causing us to become fearful when faced with high-stakes situations, including: Job Interviews – Will I get the job? […]

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How to Help a Friend with Depression

In honor of World Mental Health Day, we wanted to share some helpful information on what living with depression means and what it might feel like for a close friend or loved one. Our hope is that this post will […]

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