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EMDR Training

I have  long wanted to add another set of skills.  The past few months, I have been taking training through the Midwest Center for EMDR and Training. The skills have been invaluable but they have also taught me a valuable lesson […]

The Importance of Self-Compassion

We need to show ourselves the same compassion we offer others. Too frequently, we beat ourselves up over matters, big or small, in ways that we would never dream of treating someone else in our same or similar situation. How […]

Sometimes The Best Therapy Is A Good Laugh

I was in our office last Saturday and Michelle, one of our therapists, was seeing a client. There was no other activity in the clinic. Otis and I were “working” on catching up on some paperwork. Though the sound machine […]

Sometimes all it takes is listening, with an open heart.

Yesterday morning I sat in my office and looked into the eyes of a man who had lost his son to suicide. That was not the way my morning was supposed to have gone but then again, that is not […]

I almost lost Otis, but thankfully he is OK

I almost lost Otis May 18th. Not the kind of “lost” where he wandered off though he has been known to do that. The lost as in he could have died because of Canine Bloat, which was accompanied by volvulus; […]

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