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Vulnerability is a big part of counseling . To be able to be vulnerable with oneself is one thing but to be able to be vulnerable and not “disappear” in front of another is even more difficult. The first book […]

Another School Trauma

How is that another school trauma becomes a surreal part of our awareness? A school in Pittsburgh, of which I am familiar when I lived there was the scene of another senseless crime scene today. More adolescent teens will have […]

Pain is a Teacher

Pain is a teacher. It reminds us of our limitations, our frailty and our vulnerability. I have been increasingly disabled by arthritis in my right hip. This was likely generated by a riding fall I had 3 years ago. I […]

Anxiety and Strokes

Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh came out with a study that established a connection with high levels of anxiety and stroke. The study, published in the journal Stroke evaluated more than 6,000 participants and found those with high levels […]

The Power of Gratitude

The time of year we focus on being thankful has settled upon us.  Have you thought lately about what you are grateful for?  Do you know why this exercise so important?  Because it reminds us that there are positives in […]

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Thanksgiving Day is Almost Here!

Just wanted to let everyone know that Calli will be CLOSED on Thanksgiving,Thursday, November 28.  I will be out of the office Wed. afternoon to Monday, December 2.  Please be sure to request medication refills before NOON on WED. the […]

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