Pain is a teacher. It reminds us of our limitations, our frailty and our vulnerability. I have been increasingly disabled by arthritis in my right hip. This was likely generated by a riding fall I had 3 years ago. I have or had considered myself active , healthy and pretty resilient. The pain has become increasingly worse over the past year and I have found my world limited by my pain, stiffness and growing inability to do the things i value i.e. work out, walk my dog, dance and take care of myself.

Pain teaches us to ask for help often, when you haven’t often asked for help.

Pain teaches us to be kinder to those who are older and more frail for all, of a sudden, we are those older, frail people.We become and act like the seniors

Pain teaches us to live in the moment for the moment is the only thing that we have control over. I plan my next move  mindfully and spontaneity is (temporarily) a thing of the past. I am slower and things take longer to accomplish. I use every mindful skill I have for that is a way I can manage.I am more anxious and my moods are not great.

Pain teaches us that sometimes the world would rather not see someone in pain. We slow the line down, We are the ones who have  to take extra time to gather our purse, our change, our cane and our wits. We are the elder senior citizens who are now almost invisible.

Pain is a teacher. I know there is a possible end to my pain. I found myself in a different classroom this past year.

I’m glad I learned.

For more information on Chronic Pain Management, please contact Calli Institute.

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