Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh came out with a study that established a connection with high levels of anxiety and stroke. The study, published in the journal Stroke evaluated more than 6,000 participants and found those with high levels of anxiety are more than 33% likely to suffer a stroke. The study was co-authored with the Harvard School of Public Health.

How much more evidence before we realize that we need to learn how to get back to basics? Anxiety and depression are seen more frequently as presenting problems in the primary care office. Some ER visits are fueled by someone believing that they are having a heart attack or stroke when it is anxiety. We have to learn how to take better care of ourselves.

It is vital that we start listening to our bodies and taking better care of the one we have.Striking a balance of work with family, recreation, proper rest should not be something that a doctor or therapist suggest that we do. It needs to be something we want to do.

Stress is inevitable. Dying from it doesn’t have to be.


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