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Category: Mindfulness

Revisit the Energy of Holistic Wellness


In a previous blog, we outlined holistic health and how this lifestyle offers a unique approach toward achieving wholeness. With the new year underway, many people are focused on personal well-being. As such, we wanted to revisit the energy of […]

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Mental Health Tips for the New Year

A New Year, a new decade, and a new outlook! For many of us, December 31st sparks a new beginning or milestone of where we are and where we hope to be in 2020. Your New Year’s resolution may include […]

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How to Stop Overthinking

Rethinking an earlier decision or behavior is one thing. Reliving the same experience over and over in your head for days, weeks, or even months, is something different. What is Overthinking? We can overthink and experience stress about past behaviors […]

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4 Ways Nature Benefits Your Mental Health

how nature benefits mental health

As we head into summer, many of us look for every opportunity to be outdoors and soak up some sunshine. Have you ever noticed how much we all look forward to the summertime, despite the fact that most of us […]

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Why Your Mental Health Needs a Spring Break, Too

Why your mental health needs a spring break, too.

For many Minnesotans, the warm weather and sunshine often stirs up feelings of renewed hope and energy. Whether it’s taking a half day on Fridays or planning a fishing trip over the weekend, there is something about the longer days […]

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The Reverse Bucket List

SAD Seasonal Affective Disorder by Calli Institute

Derived from the phrase, “to kick the bucket,” bucket lists are essentially a compilation of things to do, try, or see before you die. If you have never made one before, imagine creating a list of New Year’s resolutions that […]

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