I was in our office last Saturday and Michelle, one of our therapists, was seeing a client. There was no other activity in the clinic. Otis and I were “working” on catching up on some paperwork.

Though the sound machine was on and our music was playing in the lobby. I could hear the distinctive sound of laughter coming from Michelle’s office. Not just mild, amusing laughter, but outright belly laughing.

My immediate thought was “That doesn’t sound like therapy”. After the client left Michelle and I had a chance to talk. She asked me if I could hear how fast her client talked. I told her that what I noticed was the laughter.

What Michelle was teaching her client was the elements of belly breathing by lying on the floor with something on their stomachs. It felt good to the client so she started laughing and laughing and laughing.

What I remembered in that instant is that laughter can be the best therapy. So find a reason to laugh and laugh and laugh.

Cathy Malmon LMFT LICSW

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