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Category: Group Therapy

Surviving Grief Overload

Grief is a journey that we will travel eventually in our lifetimes. The loss of a family member or friend, changes in our own physical health or to those of our loved ones as well as the ambiguous losses of […]

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Love, Limits and Letting Go: A Women’s Therapy Group

Do you often see yourself in the terms of how others see you? Are you so busy making other people happy that you no longer are? Do you find yourself feeling bitter and resentful? Do you feel no matter what […]

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Man’s Best Friend (And Therapist)

Every other Saturday at the Calli Institute in Maple Grove, Otis greets patients at the door and offers support and attentive listening during therapy sessions. As the official Calli Institute therapy dog, Otis has worked side-by-side with his owner and […]

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Women and Body Image

We might have historically gotten through (hopefully) the worst winter in 30 years. The next season outside of avoiding the potholes is…..BATHING SUIT SEASON  !!!!  This is when notoriously the scale , the mirror and those summer clothes that we […]

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