We might have historically gotten through (hopefully) the worst winter in 30 years. The next season outside of avoiding the potholes is…..BATHING SUIT SEASON  !!!!  This is when notoriously the scale , the mirror and those summer clothes that we put away start to call out to us. Our body image raises its critical voice and begin to berates. us. Why is that we are a society that has so much but then again we have an excess of self-loathing and shame about our bodies?  Women are not the only ones who deal with body image. Growing evidence suggests that men, also have problems with appearance though they are less likely to talk about it.  

Calli  Institute in Maple Grove is offering a group that deals with the issues of body image and anxiety using a mindfulnessexperiential approach. Group formats can be a safe way to explore issues not easily talked about as there is a validation that happens when a room of similar voices nod and voice agreement.

For more information about this group or other group therapy offerings, please contact www.calliinstitute.com



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