By its definition, recovery involves regaining control of something lost or stolen. For anyone in recovery, this means working to manage addiction and take charge of their life. And it’s a big deal. The path to self-improvement can be a challenging one. That’s why The Calli Institute is here to offer support, especially during National Recovery Month. Keep reading to learn more and help us celebrate recovery in September.

Recovery Month Timeline

National Recovery Month has grown and evolved since its inception. Starting in 1989 as Treatment Works! Month, its purpose then was to recognize the work of addiction specialists. Nine years later, it expanded to honor treatment professionals while highlighting the efforts of those working through substance use issues. As such, it became known as National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month.

Then in 2011, the title and its aim adapted again — to its current name and intention. Now, National Recovery Month recognizes healthcare experts and patients as well as some behavioral health sectors.

The month of September is dedicated to celebrating individuals in recovery, supporting patients and their families, honoring the work of addiction specialists, and educating others on mental health and substance use disorders.

Stronger Together

Every year, National Recovery Month includes a new theme. The theme for 2023 is Join the Voices of Recovery: Together We Are Stronger. This idea points out the importance of providing support from all angles to anyone challenged by substance use disorders.

In addition, each week during September has its own theme and corresponding message of support.

September 4-10: Focuses on support for young people, especially from close friends and family members, and the role of loved ones throughout the path to recovery. That progress is challenging for everyone involved, including family and friends. So, it’s important to find a balance between support and self-care while encouraging your loved one through their recovery. This is a journey for the recovering person as well as everyone who cares for them.

September 11-17: Week 2 highlights the need for unbiased mental health and substance use care and resources for all cultures, races, and lifestyles. That means every population, including LGBTQI+, veterans, people of color, older adults, people with disabilities, and anyone else who needs help through recovery. Recovery assistance that is more aligned with the standards of the person seeking it tends to be more successful.

September 18-24: This week spotlights overall health, including social elements in addition to physical and mental elements that can affect recovery. Each journey is unique. The goal is to determine the personal factors that will best aid an individual through recovery and provide the most comprehensive support to them.

September 25-30: The final week focuses on learning from the success of others. The experience of and support from peers is essential in helping individuals and their friends and family through the recovery process.

Pillars of Recovery

The Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration developed an approach to recovery that helps individuals attain a more fulfilling life without addiction. That approach includes four basic pillars that provide a symbiotic balance of wellness and support throughout the recovery process and beyond:

  • Health — Surviving and conquering addiction in a way that is physically and mentally rewarding while learning to manage symptoms and maintain overall wellness. When the recovering individual makes healthy choices, they are less likely to depend on or return to their addictive vices.
  • Home — Having a comfortable, stable, and supportive environment that encourages good life choices and feeds recovery efforts.
  • Purpose — Setting goals for recovery and striving each day to meet or exceed those principles.
  • Community — Finding the people, places, and groups that offer confidence and support through recovery.

Each of these pillars represents a significant piece of an individual’s recovery journey. They all work together to provide a balanced, supportive, and reassuring setting that is ideal for a successful path toward recovery.

We Can Help, Too

We celebrate recovery in September to honor those working to regain control of their lives and the professionals helping them get there. It’s also important to recognize the practices, mental health services, and other resources available to those wishing to better themselves. If you or someone you know is struggling with wellness or addiction issues, the professionals at The Calli Institute are here to offer support and introduce a personalized path to self-care and recovery. We want to help, so let us know how we can.

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