If you made a resolution to become a better version of yourself this year, we have great news. February is International Boost Self Esteem Month. These 28 days provide a fresh opportunity to assess how we see ourselves and find ways to improve our perspective. The Calli Institute has a few tips to help you recognize your worth and celebrate self-esteem month.

Out With the Negative

Our self-esteem is measured by how we feel about ourselves. After making a mistake or having a bad day, it’s understandable to feel disappointed or disheartened. We’ve all been there. But focusing on one misstep or tough situation invites that negativity to become central to the way we view ourselves.

Instead, acknowledge your faults and use them as teachable moments to learn and grow. By changing your perspective, you can turn potential weaknesses into strengths. Be kind to yourself. Your inner voice sometimes says the harshest things. The good news is, we can control it. Be aware of how you speak to yourself and steer any negative thoughts down a more positive avenue.

Be Your Own Example

In the age of social media especially, it’s easy to use the milestones of others to determine our own successes. And if we feel as though we don’t measure up to others, we might see that as failure. Comparing ourselves to others can be detrimental and damaging to our well-being. So, it’s best to avoid using the achievements of others as a barometer for you.

If you compare yourself to anyone, be sure that someone is you. Doing so can help you realize how far you’ve come, the changes you’ve made, and all that you’ve accomplished to get where you are right now. And in a month or a year, you can look back at this version of you to again realize how much you’ve grown. Let that growth be the confidence you need to keep bettering yourself.

Find Your Circle of Positivity

What we surround ourselves with — our own thoughts included — affect our self-image. Research suggests that people with low self-esteem tend to seek attention in ways that invites others to react to or behave callously toward them.

Positive thoughts manifest positive vibes. Concentrate on thinking and saying nice things about yourself and that will envelop your mindset. Each morning, write down three good things about yourself as reminders — and to set the tone for your day.

Another way to help boost the way we feel about and see ourselves is to be around positive people. Positivity is contagious. And positive people are happy, encouraging, and inspirational. The more of that energy you encounter, the more confident you can become — in yourself. Find your cheerleaders. Be sure your friends see you and support you. And be sure you see and support them, too.

Get Up and Get Moving

Physical activity has many benefits. It can help build strength, reduce stress, and improve cognitive function. Exercising can also put you in a better mood and help boost self-esteem.

Exercise can help us feel more comfortable with our physical as well as emotional selves. When we exercise, our bodies release endorphins. These natural chemicals help curtail stress, reduce feelings of depression, and improve self-image. So, get up and get moving — and give your self-esteem a boost.

Be Proud of Yourself

Recognizing and celebrating your strengths helps build confidence, which generates self-esteem. Take note of your gifts, talents, and strong suits. Those things you do that make you happy or proud? Celebrate them. They can be something as small as paying someone a compliment or as big as completing a major project at home or at work.

When you start to notice and acknowledge the things you can do — large or small — you’ll gain confidence in your abilities. And you’ll build your self-esteem.

Reach Out If You Need To

Our supportive team at The Calli Institute hopes these tips to recognize your worth can help you shift your mindset. Celebrate self-esteem month with a more positive outlook. You’ll build confidence and gain new perspectives toward personal growth. As always, we’re here if you need us. Reach out at any time to discuss these steps or others in your self-image and wellness journey.

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