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Changing Your Mood and Life By Writing

Last year, an article in the Star Tribune on January 19th caught my eye. As someone who has long kept personal diaries, I often wondered if the negative beliefs I had written about myself over those agonizing junior and high […]

9 Reasons to Play

When was the last time you actually played? You know, the kind of play we did as children–running, jumping, loudly singing, swinging our arms, using our imaginations to make up silly games. That kind of play. We used to spend […]

Learning to Live with Chronic Pain

I joined the ranks of those who have had joint replacement, two hips in fact, over two years ago. I developed arthritis in both hips after a horseback riding fall in 2010. My friends and family noticed a change in […]

Change…Be in Charge of the Process

If you are reading this, chances are either you or someone you know is involved in . This means that change is somewhere on your radar. Change can be a scary thing.  We are indeed creatures of habit, where the […]

Health is a Journey

Too often, we think of health–whether mental, physical or emotional–as a static state. Once we lose weight, attain sobriety, return from the throes of depression, anxiety, addiction or some other illness to a manageable state, we believe we won’t have […]

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Love, Limits and Letting Go: A Women’s Therapy Group

Do you often see yourself in the terms of how others see you? Are you so busy making other people happy that you no longer are? Do you find yourself feeling bitter and resentful? Do you feel no matter what […]

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