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Category: Summer Health

Why not a Staycation?

With many people considering the 4th of July the halfway point of the summer, it may also create a sense of urgency to get some family vacation time on the books. Summer calendars are usually booked to the max with […]

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Minnesota’s Crisis Connection

Calli Institute-Wishing You a Happy Holidays

Two separate headlines in the Star Tribune within 3 days of each other pointed out the mental health crisis here in Minnesota. It echoes the larger issue of the mental illness crisis currently in our country. The July 10th issue […]

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School’s Out for the Summer!

If you’re a parent, summer break is likely to stir up two oppositional feelings for you. On one hand, there’s the nostalgia of summer vacation; memories of barbecues, pool parties, summer camps, or even iconic movie scenes from Grease or […]

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Quit the Need For a Vacation From Your Vacation

Relaxing Vacation, The Calli Institute, MN

Here we are, just past the middle of summer.  Tis the time of year many of us go on vacation.  Ahhhh, vacation.  Something we look forward to, plan for and possibly lose sleep over as we excitedly anticipate what adventure […]

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3 Summer Self-Care Strategies

Summer Self Care, The Calli Institute, MN

What are some self-care activities to support our overall wellness during the hot summer months? Staying hydrated, using sunscreen and avoiding heat exhaustion is a great place to start! Stay hydrated. Our bodies are 70% water. Besides oxygen, water is […]

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