If a kind word goes a long way, imagine how far several of them can go. Or how they positively affect the person hearing them. That’s what The Calli Institute hopes to accomplish. Wednesday, June 1, is National Say Something Nice Day. We encourage you to share positivity and help spread kindness all month long with friends, family, coworkers, acquaintances, and anyone you meet. Let’s show that a little kindness can help make someone’s day – and the world – much happier.

Say Something Nice Day

From sunrise to sunset, National Say Something Nice Day aims to project positivity. The idea is to reframe thoughts, observations, and discussions in a happier and more valuable way.

In 2006, the mayor of North Charleston, South Carolina, declared June 1 as Say Something Nice Day to recognize a local man’s efforts in communication. That man, Mitchell Carnell, later published “Say Something Nice: Be a Lifter!” to help detail the health benefits of inspiring and uplifting others.

Don’t Worry. Be Happy. Live Longer?

Positivity is more than a state of mind. Living a happier and more confident life may even help you extend your years.

Studies show that optimism has a positive effect on health by lowering the risk for cardiovascular disease, decreasing stress, and promoting better sleep. And research also associates happiness with living a longer life.

Why do happy people live longer? Good question, and the answers run the gamut. Sure, there are inherent factors such as genetics that influence a person’s life span. But some of the more obvious, extrinsic explanations include:

  • Being social. We’re social creatures and being around others gives us a sense of belonging. People who are happy can more easily build friendships and interact with others.
  • Being healthy. Happy people take better care of themselves with a balance of exercise, diet, and quality sleep.
  • Laughing more. Smiling and laughing stems from happiness. Laughter helps lowers stress levels and strengthens the immune system.

Participate and Share Positivity

Throughout the month of June, The Calli Institute will deliver words of kindness, wisdom, and encouragement on social media. Our goal is to help encourage others to be happy, share positivity, and help spread kindness all month long. Visit our Facebook and Instagram pages for helpful tips and effective affirmations. And be sure to say or do something nice for the people in your life – anyone who matters and anyone you meet. We never know how much a positive word or action means to someone, but let’s spend the next 30 days trying to find out.

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