This time of year, we often read or hear about tidying up our homes and yards. But internal revitalization is just as important. We wanted to offer some ideas for mind and body spring cleaning to help you start off the season favorably all around.


Getting rid of clutter can feel like a refreshing new start. Many people kick off their spring cleaning lists each year with a home declutter. Go through closets and cupboards and pull out anything you have neither worn nor used in a set time, usually over a year. Crawl out from under that confined feeling by releasing the things that no longer serve a purpose or bring you joy.

Just as our homes need decluttering, so too do our minds. And over the past year, we’ve all likely collected too many thoughts that prevent us from feeling comfortable or content. The easiest and surest way to clear your head is to write down everything you’re thinking.

All those lists and worries and reminders? Grab a pen and put them on paper. That way, you’re able to have those ideas in a physical space where you can see them and read them, and you no longer have to think about them. Your mind can relax and be free to focus on other, more important things.


We’ve heard over and over that diet, exercise, and rest play major roles in overall health and happiness. But getting back into a balanced, healthy routine after a long winter hibernation can be a challenge. Set realistic goals and take small steps to stay on track and keep from becoming discouraged:

  • Slowly incorporate seasonal foods into your meals. Fresh fruits and vegetables will keep you hydrated as the weather turns warmer, can provide renewed energy, and will help you feel less full.
  • Get up and get out. Enjoy a short walk over lunch or after work to clear your head and get some fresh air. As you begin to feel energized, gradually add extra time or more physical activities to your regimen. Research shows that exercise improves mood and helps you feel relaxed.
  • Catch enough Zs. With longer days and later sunsets, getting to bed on time in the spring and summertime can be a struggle. Try to stick to your pre-bedtime routines so that your body knows when to wind down for the day.


A small shift in perspective can help you focus on positive things and find greater joy. Remember: Every day, there is always something for which to be grateful. These can be simple things, from making a great-tasting cup of coffee to watching your dog run through the yard.

What are some of those things for you? Consider your accomplishments or anything that makes you smile. Write them down. Then, on days when you need an extra boost, look at your list as a reminder.

On another positive note, reach out to friends who have good energy. Spend time building relationships with people you trust, and free yourself from toxic connections. Disregarding a relationship that feels hazardous to your mental health is a perfectly acceptable form of self-care.


Get creative with your mind and body spring cleaning list. That can include anything that challenges you to think in new ways or get your hands dirty. Get out of your head by getting into a new hobby: gardening, painting, journaling, photography, or word puzzles.

The things you do or create don’t have to be perfect. Rather, consider how they affect your wellness, balance, and emotions. Do things that make you happy and help you grow. Try different things to discover new talents and learn about your capabilities.


Adverse experiences can leave lasting effects. The mind tells the body how to protect itself from such ordeals. But it can also tell the mind when it’s ready to begin healing.

A good place to start is to try replacing any unfavorable thoughts with more advantageous and productive ones. As needed, refer to your gratitude list as reminders of the positive things that bring you joy. Those moments of joy can help with the healing process.

Furthermore, learning to set boundaries will help define your comfort level and limitations. Keep reminding yourself what it is you want to accomplish and that you deserve all the happiness you seek. What will bring you closer to that happiness?

Do your best to understand that saying no is okay and asking for help is a sign of inner strength and personal growth.

Reaching Out

The dawn of the spring season is the ideal time to organize your home, your head, and your heart. We hope these ideas for mind and body spring cleaning help you to declutter your thoughts and discover a path to happiness and well-being. At The Calli Institute, we understand if you’re struggling to get started or are unsure where to begin. And we’re here to offer a helping hand. Reach out to us today, and we’ll guide you through. Even the smallest change can make a big difference.

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