In our countdown to World Mental Health Day, we wanted to save our favorite challenge for last. Our hope is that you will practice doing this today, tomorrow, and for the remainder of the year.

Today’s Challenge Is: Set Realistic Goals for Yourself.

It sounds simple enough. But when set in motion, we all share the same tendency to pile on more tasks than necessary. And when we can’t complete each task, we start to feel guilty, useless, and stressed.

When you set realistic goals, you’re setting yourself up for success each day.

Here’s a few tips on how to set realistic goals:

  • Before you conquer the morning, make a short mental “to-do” list—no more than 5 items—that you plan to accomplish.
  • Next, write down these items on your phone, iPad, or on paper.
  • Consider how much time each task will take you and include a few buffers for unexpected tasks/interruptions that take you away from finishing your list.
  • Cross off tasks as you complete them.
  • Remember not to add to the list. Instead include additional “to-dos” in a different section that you can try for another day.

Appreciate the “Little Wins” Each Day

Aside from setting realistic goals, make sure you recognize small victories throughout the day: the kids didn’t fight each other; the dog didn’t have any accidents in the house; you started the day with a delicious cup of coffee, etc.

There’s much to be grateful for each day. The key is recognizing those moments and appreciating them when they happen. 

You Did It!

Congratulations on completing our 10-Day Mental Challenge. We hope you found these daily challenges fun, inspiring, and helpful. Try to include these ideas into your routine—but remember challenge #5 that it’s also important to break up the montany every now and then.

Also, remember to share in the conversation and help spread mental health awareness today. Below, we wanted to share a resource to help you get involved.

If you’d like to talk to a mental health professional and get support throughout your wellness journey, our team is here for you. We offer convenient Telehealth services, led by a team of specialists who are committed to promoting health and balanced living through helpful education, mental health resources, and experience.

To learn more about our approach to holistic health and wellness, contact our office today and find the support you need today, tomorrow, and for the future!

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