Being a mother is hard, but being a mom during a world pandemic, that’s a whole new experience. The role of mom has definitely taken on some extra responsibilities these days, including at-homeschool teacher, family entertainer, and grief counselor. And many moms are juggling this with other essential tasks, such as doing their salaried job from home. 

That’s why this year, it’s important that we show our moms just how incredible they are and how much we appreciate the way they support us, encourage us, and keep us all connected—even from miles away! 

Fun Mother’s Day Ideas During COVID-19

If you’re feeling the pressure to give your mom or wife a special celebration this Mother’s Day, you’re not alone. With restaurants still closed, travel restricted, and the worry that you might put mom at health risk during a visit, it’s easy to start feeling overwhelmed or hopeless to give her the amazing day she so deserves. 

As most people will be honoring their moms from a distance this year, many creative thinkers are coming up with fun, inspiring ways to honor their moms at home or from a distance. We wanted to share some ideas we discovered with you today:

  • Virtual Brunch: Mother’s Day brunch is a special tradition for most families. If you’re celebrating mom from miles away or deciding to stay home this year, why not plan a festive brunch, where you and mom plan out the menu, set up the table, and join each other (virtually) for a scrumptious meal. This is a great way to get the kids involved, too. Give everyone a special task (i.e. decorate the table, stir the pancake mix, arrange flowers for the centerpiece, etc.).

If you’ll be near mom this year, you can take this brunch idea outdoors and plan a special at-home brunch decor and menu for mom to enjoy!

  • Painting Party: Another fun way to spend some quality time with mom is to plan a painting party. Grab a vase or empty wine bottle, some acrylic paint, and an apron, and tune into your favorite video conferencing platform with mom to chat, share stories, and create something beautiful together! This is another great option that your kids will love doing with you, and it makes a thoughtful gift for mom after the paint dries. 
  • Game Night: Whether mom is home with you, down the street, or across the state, scheduling a game night is easy to do both in person and virtually. In fact, most video conferencing platforms like Whatsapp, Houseparty, and Zoom include interactive games like trivia, Pictionary, bingo, and much more! Just be sure to show mom how to set this up on her phone or tablet, so she can sign in with ease from her home.

This Mother’s Day idea might be a great way to kickstart a weekly family game night, where everyone comes together for some friendly competition and quality time.  

Happy Mother’s Day from The Calli Institute

The truth is mom isn’t the only one who needs some special attention this year. As we continue to face these uncertain times, many of us—no matter what age—turn to our moms or other individuals who have played a significant, maternal presence in our lives for comfort and support. It’s important that we find ways to stay connected to our loved ones this Mother’s Day and every day to connect and empower one another!  

From all of us at The Calli Institute, we wish you a safe, happy, and healthy Mother’s Day weekend! 

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