Social distancing has proven to be both beneficial and effective in protecting ourselves and our loved ones from the Coronavirus (COVID-19). But that does come at a steep price. For many, the idea of staying in and working from home sounds appealing at first. Over time, however, the practice of limiting your social/physical interactions with family, friends, or colleagues can start to take an emotional toll on your mental health and wellness.

Today, many people feel isolated from the outside world, causing feelings of anxiety, depression, and even anger. And the uncertainties of the road ahead can certainly cause us all to appear more irritable and impatient, due to our fear of the unknown.

It’s important to remember that, as a nation, we will get through this together, but talking to a mental health professional may just be the support and guidance you need right now to help you get through the long days ahead.

Support Your Mental Health via Telehealth

At the Calli Institute, we will continue to offer new and existing clients professional mental health services and support through our secure Telehealth platform.

Social Distancing without the Isolation

Telehealth is a simple and convenient way to care for yourself while you’re practicing staying at home. And there are many benefits to incorporating this type of virtual experience into your mental health journey, including:

Zero Transportation: Rather than getting into your car to drive to our Maple Grove location, you can set up a cozy area in your home or office to log into each session with your specialist.
Convenient Scheduling: Telehealth allows you to receive the benefits of mental health services on your schedule. If you’re currently working from home, you can choose a time that best fits into your routine, without having to take time off of work.
No Wait Time: We understand your time is valuable, and with each scheduled appointment, you can expect to log in and meet with your mental health professional instantly!
Ongoing Support: If you’re an existing client of the Calli Institute, you never need to worry about COVID-19 affecting your ability to continue your medication management, individual therapy sessions, or personal journey. Schedule your next session by contacting us at 763-255-2125.
New Opportunities: If you’re not a current client of the Calli Institute, but you are in need of individual therapy for anxiety, depression, anger, or any area of speciality that we offer, you don’t need to wait until this pandemic is over to get the support and guidance you deserve. You can request an appointment today, and a member of our team will help you find someone who is best suited to support your needs.

Schedule Your Telehealth Session Online

Remember, you are not alone. We are here and will continue to be here for our clients’ needs, whether this is your first time with the Calli Institute, or you’ve been a valued client of ours for years.

Though these are challenging times, together, we will persevere and come out stronger on the other side. From all of us at the Calli Institute, we wish you a safe, healthy, and happy day!

Schedule your Telehealth session online and to find tips on how to cope during COVID-19, read our latest blog post “The Four C’s of COVID-19.”

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