If you’re struggling this year to get into the holiday spirit, remember that though a joyous time of year, the “holiday blues” are a real phenomenon that can leave you feeling stressed, irritable, and depressed (Psychology Today).

It’s easy to feel out of control in December. Maybe you’re still holiday shopping, decorating, or hosting the big Christmas Day dinner for friends and family. All that holiday pressure can affect your mental health and wellness and make you feel out of sync with all the cheer that surrounds you. To help you overcome seasonal stress, a simple solution may be adopting an attitude of gratitude. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, for most of us, this type of thinking takes time and commitment, so here are some holiday wellness tips to help you remember what you’re grateful for and share those positive feelings with others this year.

4 Holiday Wellness Tips 

Achieving a feeling of gratitude gives you more than a positive outlook. In fact, more and more studies continue to reveal that gratitude is good for the body, too. Health benefits of a grateful attitude include:

  • Improved Sleep
  • Reduced Feelings of Fatigue
  • Less Cellular Inflammation
  • Better Resiliency

To help you practice gratitude in your daily routine and interactions with others, here are some simple, yet effective holiday wellness ideas to try!

  1. Recognize the Simple Things: From the smallest detail, like watching the first snowfall, to allowing yourself five minutes to relax and enjoy the company of your family, giving yourself permission to recognize these simple, but important moments, will allow you to focus on what really matters this season. This type of thinking also helps silence the voice in your head, causing you to overthink or feel anxious.
  2. Keep a Gratitude Journal: It may benefit you to try and continue this holiday wellness tip throughout the New Year, as well. Every morning, before you begin your day, write down 5 things you feel grateful for. Items can include, your family, your job, your cozy home, your health, etc. Remember to stick to this journal each day. This will allow you to redirect your thoughts on the positives and begin each morning with a feeling of thankfulness.
  3. Make Gratitude a Family Tradition: When you and your family sit down for dinner each evening, why not share a few words of gratitude around the table. Start off by asking everyone to list two things they did that day and two things they feel grateful for. Make this a nightly tradition. Sharing good vibes in this way will inspire your loved ones to stay positive and establish a fun tradition that your family can share with others, too.
  4. Say “Thank You” in Writing: Though many consider “thank you” notes a lost artform, the actual act of sitting down and writing in words how grateful you are to know someone will help you adopt an attitude of gratitude and share that sentiment. The holidays are a busy time, but if you can allow yourself five minutes a week to write a simple “thank you” note to someone in your life, you’ll quickly discover how contagious gratitude can be.

 Spread Holiday Gratitude this Season

Looking for more ways to practice gratitude? Try some of these helpful online exercises from PositivePsychology.com to improve your holiday wellness. If you’d like to talk to someone about the stress or depression you’re experiencing this season, contact The Calli Institute to speak with our team. We’ll work with you and help you discover different coping techniques to help you feel empowered and equipped to take on the New Year ahead.

Seasons Greetings and Happy New Year from Your Friends at The Calli Institute!

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