When you’re ready to take the first step in your mental health journey, it’s normal to experience a mix of anxiety and apprehension—especially if you’ve never talked to a therapist before. At The Calli Institute, our mission is to help you feel safe and comfortable the minute you walk through our doors. From there, you’ll meet with an experienced therapist who will support and empower you throughout your wellness recovery. Your first contact at The Calli Institute will be with an intake specialist who will listen to your initial concerns and pair you with an experienced therapist who meets your needs or those of your family.

To help you feel confident about walking into your first individual therapy session, here’s what you can expect at The Calli Institute:

Getting to Know You – Before Your Therapy Appointment Begins

Before your first appointment, you’ll complete the following documents:

  • A Registration Form
  • Adult Health History
  • A General Clinical Measure

You’ll have the option of downloading these forms right from our website and submitting them back to us electronically or you can bring in your completed paperwork with you to your first appointment.

*If your child is receiving group or family therapy, you’ll need to complete a child health form in addition to your adult health form.

Remember to also bring in your insurance information and a photo ID, as well. If you don’t have access to a printer or want to complete your forms at our mental health clinic, be sure to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. This will allow you sufficient time to complete your forms, without feeling rushed or pressured.

Getting to Know Your Therapist – What to Expect During a Therapy Session 

As every person is unique, our therapy team honors this individuality by taking the time to get to know and understand you as a whole person. We begin this process by working to create a supportive and welcoming environment, where you feel comfortable to work with your therapist and develop a specific treatment plan that helps you achieve your desired change and cope with your individual symptoms.

During the first few sessions, your therapist will focus on getting to know you better and help you understand what happens during therapy, including what you’ll discuss and how you’ll work together to find the best course of treatment for your lifestyle. We’ll spend time with you asking questions about why you chose to seek treatment and about your life growing up, past and current relationships, and usual coping patterns. All this information is kept confidential, which allows us to build a strong foundation of trust with each and every patient.

Schedule Your First Appointment with Calli

Now that you know what to expect at your first therapy session, the next step is making a simple phone call. Contact The Calli Institute today to request an appointment! You’ll be connected to one of our friendly team members to answer your questions and ensure you feel supported throughout your journey to a more balanced lifestyle.

We encourage you to reach out today!

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