January, a time when most of us look for new beginnings. A time when we reflect upon the past year and resolve to change some aspect of our lives. In fact, according to statisticbrain.com, typically 41% of Americans make a New Year’s Resolution.

The most common resolutions are:

  • lose weight
  • get healthy
  • quit smoking/drinking
  • exercise
  • improve finances
  • find a better job

When I looked at this list, it occurred to me that each one of these are measurable goals! These resolutions appeal to most of us because we can easily gauge our success. You either lost the weight or you didn’t, pretty simple, right?

As I think about all of this, of course, these measurable goals are most appealing to me as well. I like being able to control, predict, and then quantify results. But then, I realized that these are resolutions that I have attempted many, many times before in my life, all with similar results. When I look back, am I really a better person as a result of any of these resolutions that I set for myself?

This year, I decided I wanted to challenge myself to look at something new, something that will really impact change in me for 2017. I had heard about Bene Brown and her Ted Talk segment on Vulnerability. I decided to watch for myself to see if it inspired me to try something new, something different. I encourage you to watch this video as well. This 20-minute video challenges each of us to let down our guard, get a little uncomfortable, in order to achieve real growth in 2017.


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