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I was very pleased with the relationship that I developed with my therapist.  She was very helpful to me while seeing her and will use her again if ever needed.
Very nice place! My husband and I went to The Calli Institute this week and I was so impressed with everything!  The staff at the front desk is very polite and informative and our therapist, Amanda is incredible!  The atmosphere is very different than any other counseling place we have been and it makes a huge difference.  We plan to return weekly!
I am amazed at how well the staff and nurse practitioner work to help me get my meds and appointments met at a proper and efficient time!
I have been to a bunch of different therapists, but this place is by far the BEST!  It is so comfortable, it is like being in someone’s home!  The staff is very respectful and my therapist, Nicole, is excellent!  I am so happy I found her!
I have been very happy with my care at Calli and felt very comfortable there.  I haven’t been there in a few months, but plan on scheduling an appointment soon.  Thank you for your exceptional care and great facility.
We would not hesitate to recommend Calli.  My wife and I felt very comfortable from the very first call to Calli Institute.  The environment is warm and our therapist was very kind and professional.

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The Calli Institute

11334 86th Ave N.

Maple Grove, MN 55369

Phone: (763)255-2125

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Please do not use EMail for Crisis Intervention.
If this is an emergency, please call 911.


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